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With our  European background we create products that are different and outside the box.

We say that a jam is not necessarily a jam only.

If it's from Naturally Berry it can be so much more.

Take a peek and see what you can do with our products. 


we pair our organically grown fruit and berries with quality ingredients to enhance their natural sweetness and flavours.

All ingredients are processed with the  utmost care to create truly artisan products.

This results into preserves and syrups that are rich in colour and taste.

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Our award-winning hand-crafted jams, marmalades, condiments and syrups are therefore different to everything you have tasted before.

We constantly develop new unique recipes and create exciting products not often found in preserves. 

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​It is not surprising that our most sold products are containing spirits. These are carefully chosen to enhance the fruit flavour. 

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